Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gonna miss the moment

For almost one week we have not going outside (i mean to town) to find foodstuff for cooking, pampers for Adam and find places for relaxing. However, yesterday we have time visiting Mydin and went out to Batu Burok staying on the edge of the beach afterward. Hahaha.. so precious brought Intan and Adam together.

Adam is really good and kind... almost everywhere, nothing to worry about his coquettish. Bring him out is easy but we lose control when come time to wear him pampers. When he was at 3 month.. he merely dumb and occasionally active but we realized that he becomes more active after 4 month. Now, he was 5 month already... pell-mell sleeping time, one bed for us before latter being for him. There's no pleasure night anymore and no sound asleep. However, everything will change from time to time and we are at the right condition now. We are very grateful having superboy like Adam (maybe somebody will frequently call him Irfan).

Okey. Let me tell about what we did yesterday. For a nutshell, we went out at 3.45 pm and arrived at Mydin by 4.15pm. Hohoho.. there were a lot of people at Mydin looking for somewhere to park and we were lucky to get parking was that so easy (Alhamdulillah). After parked my lovely, Mohd Bin Harun, we went in for about one and half hour, out to pray Asar and going to Batu Burok. I think that most people were visiting Mydin but they were also congest at Batu Burok. Got the scary feeling of mat rempit commuting on the road with minah rempit at the back, my wife sound "huh.. minah rempit, so sexy". Hehehe.. i smile and thought in mind "i did not ever thought that, my wife go overboard".

At Batu Burok, we walked together with Adam on my shoulder (sometimes). Further on, let pictures below tell the precious moment we'd been together..
Adam was waiting ibu at Mydin

Adam and abah

Adam look to what...

My family is mine

I like most this picture

Friday, January 15, 2010

Balik kampung

Semalam ambil cuti untuk balik kampung. Dah lama rasanya tak balik kampung... Abah tok, tok mak dan tok ayah asyik dok tanya bila adam irfan nak balik. Rindu sangat kot diaorang pada cucu lelaki sorang ni.

Sekarang ada di Kampung Laut, may be in the afternoon berangkat ke rumah abah tok di Padang Enggang. Rasanya, cuti ni sekejap je dah nak habis.. Esok dah nak balik ke Terengganu untuk menyambung kerja.

Ok. Coretan ini untuk seketika.