Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya to all

Alhamdulillah.. after completed fasting for a month, now it comes time to celebrate Eidulfitri. For my blog followers who is also a blogger, i wish you a happy hari raya. Hoping that this new hari raya will bring more happiness for us and more baraqah will exist in our daily life... working or studying or whatever we are doing.

Since today is the day six of hari raya, it is not too late to visit your friends and make friends with any. Those who are now staying at UK, Japan, Holland, Australia and even in Malaysia with emphasizing to study for this moment, please do not worry of celebrating hari raya without your lovely family at homeland. You were lucky to experience this that may not be experienced by others. You are bringing a heavy task to excellently accomplish your study (Master or Phd) and come back to serve to our country and nation but the most important for Islam.

My situation is well but not in relieved mode. We are waiting our residence permit approval from UDI (Norwegian immigration) and consequently we cannot booking flight tickets to Oslo. Experience shows that it take times but we are hoping that they will have a fast particular look in our case since I need to start my study in early of this October. However, the class for STK4510 (Introduction to methods and techniques in financial mathematics) given by Prof. Benth, F.E were start two weeks ago. Fortunately, the fully guidance and superb helping of Prof. Benth while giving the notes and some exercises contributing to my preparation for my research in stochastic modeling emphasized in electricity markets.

Back to raya mood, I wish the happiness will come throughout our becoming life spur us to work hard in completing our journey of getting broader knowledge. InshaAllah, the luck would be with us and please do not forget to use pray as our weapons to accomplish the mission.

So, think positive and always asking for helps from Him. Our path may be differ but we aim at same objective and mission... Phd is not Perasaan hasad Dengki but it represents the depth of knowledge we have. Wassalam.